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Free "Making Connections" Webinar

Join us for a free informational webinar on Thursday, August 31 at 09:30 AM America/Denver.

Working with high-speed pulsed current for laser diodes and other, similar loads come with its own unique set of challenges. Not the least of which is getting the pulse from the pulser to the diode. Optimizing these connections is what enables clean, sharp pulses that enable high-performance laser outputs.

Join us and find out what the issues are and how they can be addressed to get the most out of your design.


  • The Problem with High Speed, Pulsed Interconnects.
  • Why do connections matter?
  • Inductance
  • Pulse Speed
  • The Math
  • Using un-optimized connections
  • Straight Wire
  • Twisted Pair
  • Coax
  • Strip Line with straight wire
  • Optimizing High-Speed Pulsed Connections with Strip Line
  • Wrap Up
  • Lab to Launch Program
  • Q&A