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Lab to Launch

Directed Energy Lab to Launch Program

Directed Energy is your partner from the lab to product launch

Lab-to-Launch-1The Lab to Launch program from Directed Energy provides custom OEM pulsed and high voltage/high power solutions.

Designed by experts, manufactured in an ISO registered facility, tested and ready for installation... our modules save you time, effort and cost. Working together early in development brings our expertise right into your lab.

Focus on your core product and customer and we'll provide the solution for your pulsed and high voltage/high power requirements.


Click to download this Lab to Launch Power Point Presentation.

Send us your specific requirements by completing our Custom Questionaire.


Benefits of Lab to Launch in Your Design

  • Shorten time to market
  • Minimize overall development cost
  • Reduce project risk
  • Leverage our expertise in high speed, high fidelity driver design


Directed Energy (IXYS Colorado)

  • Founded in 1987
  • Joined the IXYS Family in 2000
  • Our Colorado staff dedicated to Design, Testing & Service
  • 5,400 ft2 Facility
  • Located in Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Easy access to Denver International Airport


Why Directed Energy?

  • Laser diode driver and pulsed current source experts with over 30 years in pulsed & high power technology
  • Wholly Owned Subsidiary of IXYS Corporation (Nasdaq: IXYS)
    • Power Transistor Design
    • Integrated Circuit Design (traditional & ASIC)
    • Hybridization
    • Overseas Manufacturing Facilities/Support
  • Optimized layout for current sources (laser drivers) and high voltage pulsers
  • Over two decades of OEM design, supply & support
  • ISO Certified manufacturing



Current Sources In the Lab

  • Laboratory Instruments
  • Current sources designed for driving laser diodes
  • Integrated safety & control interlocks
  • Computer and front panel control
  • Pulse widths from 5 ns to CW
  • Current ranges from 500 mA to 600 A
  • Single shot to 1 MHz
  • RoHS and CE compliant


Voltage Pulsers In the Lab

  • Lab-to-Launch-2-PulsersLaboratory Instruments
  • Voltage pulsers designed for capacitive loads
  • Pulsed voltage sources from 0 kV to 10,000 V
  • Integrated safety & control interlocks
  • Computer and front panel control
  • Pulse widths from 60 ns to DC
  • Single shot to 240 kHz
  • RoHS and CE compliant


During Development

  • Choose the right laser driver for your development & prototyping with the help of our applications support team
  • Work directly with our engineers throughout your design processDefine the final electrical and mechanical specifications
    • Answer questions
    • Solve problems
    • Identify design risks
    • Optimize performance & cost/benefit


Customer Solutions (Launch)

  • Directed Energy delivers finished OEM modules
  • Manufactured in an ISO certified facility
  • Fully tested and burned in
  • Shipped to your schedule


For more information on Directed Energy's innovative Lab to Launch program, Contact Us. Or send us your specific requirements by completing our Custom Questionaire. Return it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and we will get back in touch with you shortly.