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IXYS Colorado is the home of IXYSRF MOSFETs, gate drivers and silicon carbide diodes and DEI Scientific pulse generators and laser diode drivers. We proudly offer customer solutions for laboratory/bench-top, industrial and OEM applications. As a wholly owned subsidiary of IXYS Corporation we have access to expertise and semiconductor processes that allow us to create unique and cost effective solutions for both our standard products as well as for our OEM partners.

Learn how our Lab To Launch Program provides you with custom OEM pulsed and high voltage/high power solutions.

Lab To Launch

DEI Scientific Instruments & Modules - Click or call for more info!

 IXYSRF Homepage

The IXYSRF products have a brand new home at!

We've focused the user experience for people who are interested in the IXYSRF Power Devices and they now have their own website.

Find the information you need quickly:

  • Products are displayed in a table format listing key parameters
  • Tables can be sorted by clicking on the column header; filtered by key parameters or actively searched.
  • Datasheets and SPICE models (where applicable) are shown in the table ready for viewing or download without going to the product page.
  • It's mobile-friendly!
  • Our latest products have tabs showing our product introduction webinar videos and slideshows.